FINSER International Corporation

Honest Financial Advice, Solid Returns on your Investments

"The art of investing has one characteristic that is not generally appreciated. A credible, if unspectacular, result can be achieved by the lay investor with a minimum of effort and capability; but to improve this easily attainable standard requires much application and more than a trace of wisdom."
(Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor).

FINSER International Corporation is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with more than 20 years of profitable history, advising and assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Personalized Advice
Extensive knowledge of finance and international stock markets coupled with a vast array of worldwide networks within the Asset Management Industry, allow our team of professionals to assist you and your family to build the rewards you deserve.


Investment Portfolio
At FINSER International Corporation we not only provide solutions to your specific matters, but also strive to grant you with a financial stability that will allow you to live a comfortable life.